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High Density Exothermic Sleeves

In the area of exothermic/insulating sleeves we offer a standardized product range comprising a variety of different qualities and breaker core geometries to cover a broad scope of applications. Apart from their use in hand molding shops, the sleeves are employed primarily on automatic molding lines and are inserted by molding on or with a precise fit.

With regard to the different modulus-specific geometries, a distinction can be made between the following types:

  • "KCX" and "KX" sleeves with centering facility for pins
  • "KCX/W" and "KX/W" sleeves with Williams strips
  • "TK" TURBO sleeves with long Williams strip
  • Sleeves with round or oval beaker cores
  • Sleeves with key breaker cores
Area of application:

The classic fields of application for our exothermic and exothermic/insulating sleeves are cast iron with flaky and spheroidal graphite and cast steel. The available ISO qualities also extend the range of applications to non-ferrous metals.