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Alcohol Based Refractory Coating

Refex is a range of solvent based, ready to use coatings for application on resin bonded and silicate cores / molds.

  • Refex is suitable for cores / molds produced synthetic binder systems, Sodium Silicate systems as well as Bentonite Bonded Systems
  • Refex range of coatings, find application in gray cast iron, ductile iron, steel, and non-ferrous castings
  • Coating can be applied by dipping, brushing, or spraying
  • Refex is formulated to resist hot cracks, metal penetration & burn-on
After Treatment:

Ignite the moulds or core immediately after coating application or dry by hot air or blower.

  • Refex range of coatings contains inflammable solvents and therefore should be handled and stored with care
  • Refex has a shelf life of 60 days if stored in cool and dry place
  • While coating by dipping application ensure clean dip tank
  • Keep away from direct sunlight, heat and flames
Product Color Filler Application
Refex–G Black Graphite Gray with Iron, SG Iron, non ferrous casting
Refex–Z Beige Zircon Silicate Thick castings of Iron & Steel
Refex–ZS Beige Zircon Silicate, Mixed Refractory All Cast & Sg Iron Casting. Thin section Steel Casting
Refex–GZ Red Zircon Silicate, Graphite All Cast & Sg Iron Casting
Aluminium silicates Graphite
Aluminium silicates
Thin walled Cast & SG Iron
Medium sized cores of Cast & SG Iron
Refex–M Creamy Magnestie Manganese Steel Castings

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