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The Pre-Blend Advantage

Sandiron is a pre-blend of high quality Bentonite & lustrous carbon producing carbonaceous additives, for use as clay binder as well as carbonaceous additive for improving casting surface finish in green sand molding systems in foundries.

Pre-blends of Bentonite & lustrous carbon producers are preferred modes of dosing both these essential additives in a single measure in the green sand molding process in foundries. Pre-blends are specially preferred by those foundries where castings of near standard configuration and sand to metal ratios are cast in foundries having highly automated molding lines and sand plants.

Pre-blends such as Sandiron, while imparting ease of use as single dose additives, require careful monitoring where frequent changes of patterns are necessitated. Here a close working relationship between the pre-blend manufacture & user foundry is recommended.

  • Acts as a single shot additive for both green strength and surface finish
  • High green compression strength
  • Excellent peel of sand
  • Good anti scabbing properties
  • Can also be used for non-ferrous castings, like copper based alloys

For further details on general guidelines on the use & application of Sandiron as well as health & safety data sheets, please contact us for prompt attention to your requirements.