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The carbonaceous additive that 'understands green sand molding'

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The Brand Experience

"Lustron" is a range of tailor made Lustrous Carbon Additive for use in green sand molding in ferrous foundries, for imparting better surface finish on castings.

Lustron is a proprietary blend of carefully selected and scientifically evaluated lustrous carbon carrying carbonaceous additives and anti-scabbing agents.

Today "Lustron" is no longer just a product. It is the experience of using a brand which when delivered to the customer, is backed by:

  • Research of the requirement the customer's sand system
  • Knowledge of its introduction & application in the sand preparation & molding process
  • Experience of the green sand system & the forces acting in, on & around it, that makes for good casting finish
  • Proven Track Record of 20 years of 'on-site', 'on-line' application in virtually all types, dimension & configuration of engineering & automotive castings in SG iron & gray iron
Specification Lustron-F Lustron-Premium Lustron-HPL
Volatile Matter 55-60% 50-55% 42-48%
Ash Content 4.5% 3.5% 5%
Fixed Carbon By Difference By Difference By Difference
  • Improved sand peel off from the casting
  • Improved surface finish
  • Reduced consumption of shots
  • Reduced fettling
  • Reduced sand related casting defects
  • Reduced man-hours on pre-dispatch casting preparation faster turn-around
  • Reduced variables in sand control = standardization of the sand molding process = (consistent reproducible results)

For further details on general guidelines on the use & application of Lustron as well as health & safety data sheets, please contact us for prompt attention to your requirements.