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When Nodules Count!

Nodularising, which is basically magnesium treatment of cast iron, is a means to impart soundness in microstructure and make castings more reliable in as cast conditions. Homogeneity and lesser segregation can be achieved if the nodularisers are of very good quality.

Correct combination of all elements also contribute towards desulphurizing and deoxidizing of the liquid iron, thereby giving improved mechanical strength as well as stable and everlasting microstructure with high absorption of Mg and lower MgO content.

By introducing some trace elements such as Ca, Ba, Bi, Sb, etc. Nodularisers can impart different properties to castings.

ELEMENT Mg % RE % Ca % Si % Al %
MPM6 6.0 to 6.50 1.8 to 2.2 2.3 to 3.0 44 to 50 1.0 max
MPM9 9 to 9.50 2.3 to 2.80 2.3 to 2.80 44 to 50 1.0 max

SIZES : 5-10 mm, 5-20 mm, 5-25 mm

The above are standard. Besides this Barium & Bismuth doped nodularisers are also available on request.