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MPM's latest product offering to complement their range of Lustrous Carbon Additives is their range of Bentonites - 'MPM BOND' and 'PROBOND'


A range of conventional but carefully selected Sodium activated Bentonite from the world renowned region of KUTCH in GUJARAT, INDIA. The typical specifications of one of our general export quality range are:

  • Swelling Index: 30-35 ml per 2 gm
  • Liquid Formation: 500 Min
  • PH: 9 to 9.5
  • Gelling Formation Index: 70%
  • Swelling time: Instantaneous
  • Size: 99% through 100 mesh
    90% through 200 mesh
  • M.B. Value: 420 ML

Our range of Bentonite which is processed in our Mills to enhance the swell and Bond properties of MPM BOND. The aim is to improve/shorten swell/gel times and to enhance bond capabilities of conventional Bentonite so that less quantity over current usage at the time is required for addition in the green sand to achieve standard/ current target GCS values of a foundry green sand system.

This in turn improves sand flowability, allows the sand to 'breathe' better by improving permeability, reduces dead clay and oolatization and maintains sand refractoriness; all essential to maintaining good green sand performance on castings and reducing related casting defects.